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Soul Profile

This session introduces the energies which comprise your soul. Included is your manifesting blueprint which is your divine roadmap to abundance. In this awareness I will assist you towards your goals.

Initial Soul Realignment

This is quite an extensive reading and clearing process which I recommend all new clients to begin with. The session includes a soul profile and a thorough reading and clearing of all blocks and restrictions in your Akashic record currently affecting you.

Relationship Session

This is a reading between two souls - can be romantic partners but not necessarily. We explore how your particular energies and divine gifts interact and discover any past life history you may have shared. I then look at any blocks or restrictions that could be affecting the relationship and any general blocks that may be affecting all relationships you form.

Life Situation Reading

This is targeted at specific issues you are experiencing in your life. We look at the energetic root cause holding you back and work to clear this so you can align with your true intention.

Life Lessons

We delve into the themes your soul has chosen for this incarnation and explore how you are currently experiencing these.  This is an add-on which works well to give depth to a soul profile session.

  • Due to the nature of this work there is no requirement for client and practitioner to meet in person.

  • Readings are conducted via Skype and I will provide an audio recording for your reference.

  • I also provide a 21 day transmutation of energy for you to complete in your own time which helps the clearing permeate your being at the subconscious and physical level. 

  • I require a few basic details to get started - full current name, full name at birth, date and place of birth.

  • Payment will be taken at time of booking.

Gift Certificates

Give friends and loved ones the gift of reconnecting with their soul and discovering their power - free from limitation. A truly empowering and original gift suitable for any special occasion. Choose your gift amount starting from £20. Fully printed, matching envelope provided and free postage to anywhere in the UK. Gift certificates are valid for 6 months from the date you specify your loved ones will receive them.



St John's Terrace, King's Lynn PE30 1NW, UK




St John's Terrace, King's Lynn PE30 1NW, UK