True transformation begins with your soul...

My work at Healing Intuition is centred in the truth that we are each master of our individual
experience here on Earth. We are divine beings and as
such we are infinitely powerful.

I use Soul Realignment Akashic Record readings to offer insight into your soul-level characteristics and provide an opportunity to reconnect with your divine nature.

Beginning with your current intention I will work with you to create your new reality. During my sessions I explore the blocks and restrictions you may be facing in your life due to negative choices you may have consciously or unconsciously made. These choices may be related to present life situations but you may also be living out karmic consequences from choices made in past lives. I will help you to understand what constitutes a negative choice for you personally - what goes against your true soul-self.  We will work together to clear any blocks using a blend of spiritual clearing work grounded by new, aligned actions.  All intuitive information I access is purposeful and actionable.  I intend my readings to fulfil much more than idle curiosity.  This work is for those who passionately desire positive change in their lives. I endeavour to equip my clients with the soul-level self-knowledge necessary to continue creating their life experience as they choose long after their last session with me.  



St John's Terrace, King's Lynn PE30 1NW, UK


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