About Naomi

I have a professional background in mental health and peer support. For a long time I felt I had a lot to offer but I never felt I could truly offer what individuals needed to be well while within the constraints of the current mental health system. I realised also that I was only scratching the surface and that many issues we try to resolve in life are symptoms rather than the problem itself. I needed to strip away the smoke and mirrors and get to the root cause! Soul Realignment shone a bright light on my own true path within the field of holistic healing and energy work: promoting me to find fulfilment and fully express my divine gifts. I am confident that I can facilitate anyone in changing their life through finding their true soul’s expression.

The practice of Soul Realignment pulls together my deep empathy and desire to heal and support others with my natural intuition and strong sense of spirit. I pride myself on being able to assist my clients to gain greater consciousness of their choices and to convert this awareness into practical solutions to optimise their human experience. With this in mind, whilst Akashic Record readings are my forte, I will always be adding to my skill set to provide an increasingly comprehensive package of support. My work at Healing Intuition is a real passion and I am deeply invested in empowering all my clients to create the results they desire at all levels - spiritual, mental, emotional and physical. 

I live in Norfolk with my two young sons and absolutely cherish the freedom this work gives me to spend more time with them and enjoy all those special moments as they grow and changes every day.

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